Top Six global sourcing and logistics trends 2018

The year 2018 is in full swing, also with it, everyone is wondering “What’s next” in worldwide sourcing. So while you can’t look into a crystal ball to see what the future may hold, you can look to 2017’s trend and track record to create some extrapolate as to what 2018 has in store for global sourcing.
Technological advances like the Internet of Things, similar futuristics innovations, and automated transportation, have been offering the promise of disruption for the last few years without really delivering, though there is little doubt that they will, perhaps in 2018, or maybe later.
The absence of forecasts in this post is quite deliberate thus; however, if you want to know the most significant global sourcing and logistics trends to keep your eye on in 2018, you will find them outlined below.

    1. The retail supply chain needs flexibility in order not to break.
    2. Asia and Europe has churned out trade agreements, while the U.S. retained its staunch demeanor at the table.
    3. Britain’s exit from the EU has already caused disruption.
    4. China continues to dominate global manufacturing and trade.
    5. To make goods move continuously is more stringent than it looks, and pricier.
    6. C- Suites are challenged to be in the present, however, look to the future.

Looking forward to another year where reality often surpasses what not long ago felt like fiction- continuously creating new milestones and standards, which move the entire ecosystem forward with groundbreaking innovation in technology, logistics, and commerce. If you wish to share your views on ‘what will be big over the year’, we will surely like to hear you.

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