Hexagon Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Hexagon Global Sourcing (“hexagon24.com") and thank you for using our Services.

  1. Components of Agreement

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the use of the services as further described in (including the following, the “Service(s)") and the further related content and software (“Software") by you (“You"). Please read these Terms carefully before using the Service. The referenced description of the Services selected by You and these Terms are the basis of the agreement between You and HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING (“Agreement").

  1. Conclusion of the Agreement

The Agreement will come into force with a confirmation notice from HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING which you will receive after the registration. By registering You represent that

  • You have full legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and that You are not barred under any applicable laws from doing so.
  • You have read, understood, and accepted these terms.
  • You may only use the service and software in compliance with these Terms.
  1. Your Content

Within the Service You can store, back up, host, and share Your own files, folders, directories, including their metadata (file name, thumbnails, etc.) and any other digital information, materials, and content (“Your Content”), and collaborate and communicate with others (the available possibilities of use within the Services are hereinafter also referred to as the “use” or to “use”).

You retain full ownership in your content.

You are obliged to maintain backup copies of your content to the extent that is necessary for you. Hexagon Global Sourcing does not make any guarantees that there will be no loss of data or that the services will be bug free.

  1. Your rights in your content

You are solely responsible and liable for Your Content. By storing, sharing and otherwise using Your Content You represent that You have the necessary rights with respect to Your Content and that Your use of the Services does not infringe any rights of third parties, including rights that You have granted to others.

You acknowledge that HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING cannot access and check your content (in particular in cases where a third-party claims that Your Content infringes the Protected Content of a third party). HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING uses high end encryption to procure that only You can access, change, review and otherwise use Your Content. If a third-party approaches HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING arguing that the use of Your Content is infringing such third party’s rights, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will inform You about this approach, and HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will inform the third party that this approach is not a matter of HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING (because HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING is prevent from accessing Your Content). You will take on the approach of the third party by Yourself without undue delay, and You will indemnify HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING from such claims pursuant to Section 14.2. HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING reserves the right to suspend a Service if there are reasonable grounds to assume that Your Content is actually infringing third party rights.

  1. Proprietary Rights

All contents of the site (www.Hexagon24.com and any subdomains of hexagon24.com), the Software, the Service and the associated computer programs including, but not limited to, the design, logos, trademarks, domain names, texts, technical drawings, configurations, graphics, etc. (“Service System(s)”) are or can be protected by industrial or other intellectual property rights (for example, copyrights, know-how, patents, trademarks) by HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING and/or by suppliers, affiliates, or other licensors of HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING (“Hexagon Global Sourcing-IP”).

Except for the limited license granted to You (see Section 6), You have no rights of use or other rights to the Hexagon Global Sourcing-IP. In particular You are not allowed – beyond this license – in any form, or by any means, to modify, distribute, or publish any Service System.

  1. User License

HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING grants You the non-exclusive, terminable, revocable, non-sub-licensable and non-transferable right to use the Services for Your own purposes pursuant to these Terms. Your license will automatically be revoked if You violate this license. Depending on the Service type(s) selected by You, the license is free of charge or royalty bearing (as further detailed in www.hexagon24.com).

  1. Feedback

HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING may use any feedback, all ideas, comments, enhancement requests, recommendations, or suggestions (“Feedback”) which You send to HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING or post in HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s forums without any obligation to You; You hereby grant to HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING a world-wide, royalty free, irrevocable, perpetual license to use and otherwise incorporate any Feedback.

  1. Changes to the service

To improve the Services, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING may change, modify and otherwise further develop them (“Change(s)”). To the extent that these Changes reduce certain functionalities etc. of the Services or Software, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will inform You and, if you are paying for the impacted Service or Software, request Your consent to such Changes. If You do not answer within six (6) weeks after the request, Your consent shall be deemed granted (provided that HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING has informed you about this consequence again in the request). If you disagree, you can terminate the Agreement; in this case HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will refund to You any unused part of the Service charges (if any).

  1. Limitation of Liability

Subject to the provisions of this Section 9, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING is liable pursuant to statutory provisions. The following provisions shall apply to all claims for damages and reimbursement of expenses, irrespective of their legal grounds.

For damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence by HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING as well as for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING shall be liable pursuant to statutory law.

For damage incurred as a result of a slightly negligent breach of an essential contractual obligation, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s liability is limited to the foreseeable and typical damage. Essential contractual obligations are obligations which enable the fulfilment of the orderly performance of the Agreement in the first place on the performance of which You can regularly rely on. Any other liability in case of slight negligence shall be excluded.

To the extent HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING provides Services free of charge, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s liability for slight negligence shall, without prejudice to the second paragraph of this Section 9, be excluded.

HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will not be liable to You or to any other person for failure to perform or any delay in the performance of the Service due to fire, flood, war, riot, strike, explosion, lock out, injunction, natural disaster, interruption of transportation, acts of war, terrorism, labor disputes, acts of civil or military authority, power blackouts, computer viruses, or any other event beyond HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s reasonable control.

  1. Prohibited Activities

HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s goal is to provide a great service. To that end, it is necessary that You use the Service within the limitations set by these Terms. This said You commit Yourself in particular to:

  • respect the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property (“Protected Content”);
  • neither upload, download, share, nor copy Protected Content nor use the Service otherwise with any Protected Content, unless You can demonstrate that You are entitled to do so;
  • neither upload (or otherwise use in connection with the Services or Software) any viruses, Trojan horses nor any other malicious code nor software;
  • neither use the Service or Software to transmit any unlawful, harassing, libelous, defamatory, racist, indecent, abusive, violent, threatening, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, offensive nor otherwise objectionable content and material – of any kind or nature;
  • comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, our policies and directives;
  • not use the Service for any illegal purposes;
  • refrain from interfering with the proper functioning of any software, hardware, or any other Service System;
  • refrain from engaging in any conduct that inhibits anyone else’s use or enjoyment of our services, or that in HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s view may harm HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING or our users.
  1. Data Protection

If You use the Services HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will store and process Your Content, including all personal data contained therein. This storage and other processing is made only to the extent as required for the performance and invoicing of the Services (fulfillment of the Agreement).

  1. Termination

a. By you

  1. You may stop using the Service at any time. This, however, does not terminate the Agreement and Your obligations.
    You can select the initial term of the Agreement in accordance with the options available on your account page of the Service portal. The initial term will be prolonged automatically by a renewal term of the same length as the initial term, unless the Agreement has been terminated either by You or by HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING pursuant to the termination provisions set forth herein.

    1. Termination for convenience

    HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING can terminate the Agreement with at least one (1) month prior notice on your account page of the Service portal or via email to the end of the then current term. In this case HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will provide You with a pro-rata refund of any pre-payment.

    1. Termination for cause

    You may terminate this Agreement for cause upon thirty (30) days advance notice to HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING if there is a material default or breach of these Terms by HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING. This does not apply if HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING has cured the material default or breach within a period of thirty (30) days. In case of termination for cause, HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will provide You with a pro-rata refund of any pre-payment.

b. By Hexagon Global Sourcing

    1. Termination for convenience

    HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING can terminate the Agreement with at least one (1) month prior notice on your account page of the Service portal or via email to the end of the then current term. In this case HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will provide You with a pro-rata refund of any pre-payment.

    1. Termination for cause

    HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING may terminate the Agreement for cause upon notice to You after expiry of a reasonable period of time if:

    • HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING has a reason to believe that You or Your account has been used in breach of these Terms or any applicable laws.
    • HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING is unable to verify or authenticate Your provided information to us.
    • You are more than sixty (60) days late on any payment.
    • Termination is necessary in order to comply with the applicable mandatory laws or with the final court order of a competent judicial body.
    • You become the subject matter of any bankruptcy, dissolution or similar proceeding.

    If the ground for termination of the Agreement is a breach of the Agreement and this breach can be cured, then HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING shall set a reasonable grace period for the cure of the breach.

c. Form

  1. The termination requires a notice in text form (by email or in the Service portal) in order to be effective.

d. Other

  1. You should download Your Content before the termination of the Services becomes effective. HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will delete Your Content, subject to mandatory legal retention periods, after the expiry of ninety (90) days after the termination or other expiration.
  1. Security

HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING takes the security of the Service very seriously. Due to this HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING works to protect Your Content and account, but HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING cannot 100% guarantee that third parties will not be able to defeat HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING’s security measures. Please let HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING know immediately if You discover any compromise or unauthorized use of Your account.

  1. Miscellaneous

a. Other Sites and Services

  1. The Services (in particular the Service portal) can contain links to websites and services that HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING neither owns nor controls. HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING does not endorse or assume responsibility for any third-party sites, information, materials, products, or services.

b. Indemnification

  1. You shall indemnify HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING and its employees, affiliates, contractors, and agents from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, suits, actions, demands, proceedings (whether legal or administrative), and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from or related to the following contractual infringements by You:
    • Infringement of Protected Content.
    • Other infringement of any third party rights arising from or related to the use of Your Content.
    • Fraud or manipulation by You.

    HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING will reasonably notify You of any such claim or demand.

c. Governing law and Jurisdiction

  1. The Agreement is subject to German law. The parties specifically exclude the applicability of the United Nations Convention on the Sale of Goods. If the choice of a forum is permitted, the exclusive jurisdiction shall be the place of the registered office of HEXAGON GLOBAL SOURCING in Germany; otherwise the statutory provisions apply.

d. Severability

  1. These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Hexagon. Should one or more provisions of these terms become invalid or found to be unenforceable, the remainder of the remaining regulations will not be affected. The ineffective provision will be replaced by an effective provision, which will be close to the original formulation in meaning and purpose.

Haftungsausschluss (Disclaimer)

Haftung fur Inhalte

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Haftung fur Links

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