Sourcing products from China

Are you planning to source products in China for the first time? You may be confused or overwhelmed by the process. After all, China is a vast country, and different manufacturers make various items. Additionally, the language can be tricky when negotiating with Chinese companies, particularly with westerners who are usually afraid of getting scammed.

However, whether you are an amateur e-commerce enthusiast or an expert entrepreneur, one can learn to source what he/she needs while enjoying more profits. However you need to form a right strategy, avoiding common mistakes, or you could miss out on the best opportunities available to you. Below steps can help you to put yourself in the best position to make more money in a shorter amount of time.

1) Company website:

Ensure that the company has an appropriate site and not just an “About us” webpage.

2) Google research:

Ensure that you google the companies to see if there is a scam report or reviews about the company.

3) Contact your Chinese manufacturers:

The first step, research, is often missed because individuals do not understand that they need to do it. They can imagine they can throw up a product and magically makes sales. However, people don’t contact manufacturers for a different reason. It is not that they do not know they must, they don’t know where to start or how to do it.

4) Negotiate:

Ensure that you negotiate with Chinese suppliers including minimum order numbers and payment terms.

5) Order Samples:

Ensure that you ask for samples, before ordering in bulk.

6) Create Product Posting:

You can contact reputable Chinese companies who will source products for your small business, which will consume your less time and money when it comes to verification of samples and arranging for them to be mass produced.

7) Build a professional relation:

Only because you are ordering online does not mean that you can’t strike up a relationship with your supplier.

While sourcing products from China, there are many moving pieces. Once you know what to do, you can move swiftly with precision and confidence. Ensure you have an excellent product, relationships, happy customers, and tons of profit implementing each step wisely.

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