Electronic contract manufacturing relies on expert, leading-edge PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services, and Hexagon24 boasts a full resource of experienced manufacturing engineers and technologists to fill that need. Along with services such as our Total Acquisition ManagementTM (T.A.M) system that allows our customers to leave every required material component sourcing and outsourcing production to Hexagon24, giving the confidence that you are provided with the most competitive pricing available. We cover all steps of the procedure, from the control conceptualization and design to surface mount (SMT) or through-hole PCB, manufacturing, also all mechanical operations for enclosures and fixtures.

Our comprehensive PCB build capabilities include all component sourcing, assembly, and installation. Everything from standard electronic and IP&E components, to odd-form components such as relays, bulb, and connectors. No part is too complicated or out-of-reach for us to secure and integrate into your systems. Our high-speed SMT services feature state-of-the-art pick and place modules with capabilities up to 60,000 CPH, and quality check after quality check: automated optical inspection (AOI), component verification, and barcode-based work order matching.

Our global customer base is evidence of our high-quality competencies in electronic equipment and outsourcing production, from the original product design to the warehousing and shipping of your products. Ensure to contact Hexagon24 with any further questions on our capabilities.