The pharmaceutical and biotech industry has been rising continually for years, because of increasing cost pressure and decreasing margins. Here, the high level of dynamics in this international and highly competitive market is shaped by takeovers results primarily from growing requirements based on state regulations and increasing competition, for example through tendering of health funds.

We understand the difficult framework conditions, products, and challenges faced by pharmaceutical supply chain and buyers. With Hexagon24 make use of the extensive experience of our pharmaceutical supply chain management team, acquired from projects with research companies and manufactures of generic drugs, to sustainably reduce costs and enhance your company’s result.

The pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sectors are now some of the most vital economic areas in the world. However, although such industries have been growing for years due to continually increasing spendings on health, nearly every other hospital in the world permanent negative results. As the second largest cost block in the hospitals, the amount of materials resources plays a vital role here. Notably, there is a considerable potential saving that can realize for example, by a targeted decrease in variety after consultation with doctors and nurses and an optimized ordering process.