Can a bid be cancelled?

Yes, it can be cancelled.

How to add a new bid?

View on the request you want. You will land on the product page, where you need to click on the option “Add Bid”. Once clicked fill in the form with required details. If want, you can also a file to give more details about the product. After filling the form click on “create” button.

What happens if order is not bidded by the supplier?

The order remains pending if it is not bidded by the supplier.

Can a supplier add more than one bid?

Yes, a supplier can add more bids.

How to search for a specific request?

You can search for a specific requests with a large variety of search filters.

How to find out the order status and details?

Click on the “order” section, where you get the details of the orders that are pending or dispatched.

How to bid the request?

Select “My bid” option to find and bid your requests.

How to find the requests created by buyers?

You need to login into seller’s account where you can find the option request on the side bars. Click “ requests” and view the requests.

How to track the order directly?

On your dashboard page below insert the tracking number and click the button “track”.

Can I find out rejected requests?

Yes, you can find the rejected request.

How to find out the delivery status?

When you view your order, you landup on a tracking test page where you may get delivery status of your order. You can also view the tracking details by clicking on the link given below.

Can a buyer add more than one request?

Yes, a buyer can add more than one request.

How to add a new request?

Fill the product category, produyt name, product description, product specifications, payment and delivery details, and click on “create” button.

What to update the buyer’s profile?

You need fill the identification details, contact number, DUNS number, address details and zip code. Once done click “update”.

How to fill the product category?

You need to select a product from the product’s category. It should not be less than 3 characters.

How to know the order status?

You need click on the “create” button you get to know the order create.

What happens when it is approved?

When it is approved and one or more supplier bids, it is stated as bidden.

Can a buyer delete the request?

Yes, a buyer at any stage can delete the request.

Can a buyer cancel the request?

Yes, a buyer at any stage can cancel the request.

What happens when the buyer accepts the bid?

When a bid is accepted by the buyer it is stated as accepted.

What happens when it is approved by the manager?

When it is approved by the manager it is in processed state.

How the request is validated by the manager?

When it is assigned to a manager for validation it is stated as assigned.

How you get to know the request status of a buyer?

When a request is created by the buyer it is stated as created.

How a request can be created by buyer?

Buyer needs to register by filling the account details.

I have registered as a supplier now, i want to complete my profile, but there is no “save” button, so i can’t update my profile info?

Once you have registered as a supplier, you will find an “update” on the profile page.